Rooms & Spaces to Hire

Redwoods Venue

Built in 1939 by Octavius Seaman for his daughter Phyllis’s birthday the Redwoods building began life as Stowmarket’s old library.

In 2012, it was refurbished and named

Today it is a fully accessible facility that provides a large activity and meeting space with a modern kitchen. Adjoined is an attractive garden room for smaller meetings that overlooks our attractive
and well-maintained 1.5-acre grounds. By booking the entire Redwoods Venue, you will have access to both the Hall/Kitchen and Garden Room.


Charity / VCS rate: £16.70 per hour

Standard rate: £19.65 per hour

Hall and Kitchen

Located in the Redwoods building, our kitchen and hall offer a welcoming communal space available to rent. As our biggest communal space to offer, it is ideal for hosting a wide range of events and gatherings. Whether it’s a special celebration or a group meeting, our versatile facilities provide the perfect setting to make your occasion memorable.


Charity / VCS rate: £12.85 per hour

Standard rate: £15.15 per hour

Garden Room

The Garden Room offers stunning views of the gardens at Red Gables, and is an ideal space to host meetings, counselling sessions, and group trainings for up to 12 individuals. The Redwoods building has two toilet facilities available, including a disabled toilet. We can provide hot water flasks and projectors upon request.

Charity / VCS rate: £11.05 per hour

Standard rate: £12.95 per hour

Room 23

Room 23 is available for hire throughout the week and can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. This room is easily accessible via both the main staircase and lift, making it suitable for individuals who use wheelchairs. Prices start at £8.90 per hour and a projector and screen are available upon request.

Charity / VCS rate: £9.50 per hour

Standard rate: £11.15 per hour

Outside Area

Our outdoor area is made up of 1.5 acres and is an ideal area for organisations to carry out small events, picnics and other activities. The outdoor area is maintained by our Garden Project and includes a quiet picnic area, woodland walk, a car park that can situate up to 20 vehicles and a green area between the Redwood trees

Previous use includes ‘Under the Redwoods’ music festival, Stowmarket Car Boot, mini-donks pop-up farm, archery and den building by Scorpion Martial Arts as well as barbeques, games and activities by Stowmarket Girl Guides.


Flat rate: £12.05 per hour